Hello, we are Mindt

A startup studio that builds scalable and sustainable social impact ventures.
Our goal is to make social impact the core principle of business.

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We build

Together with our community of innovative co-founders we build scalable and sustainable social impact ventures from scratch

We co-create

We offer startup as a service and partner with entrepreneurs and corporates to find new business models and build new ventures

We scale
your impact

We make our expertise and skills available to existing founders aiming to help them to grow their business and scale their social impact
"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world, the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
George Bernard Shaw


Better business, better world

We live in a rapidly changing and uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. We urgently need new innovative solutions for complex, social challenges in the field of climate and environment, employment, health care and economic development, education and social cohesion. Solutions that are going to make a real difference and have results on a large scale. 

With Mindt we create new business models, with the primary objective of delivering social impact.

Not philanthropy or charity or naive idealism, we are here to do business. With hardcore data, facts and measurable instruments.

We started Mindt to answer two questions: how do we bring back true value to peoples lives and the lives of those around them? And how do we use companies to achieve it?

If we want to create real value for people and not only for companies and their stakeholders, we need to figure out the new business rules and create the culture to do good.

So, in 2025 we want to have built at least 50 companies all of which have social impact. In addition, there will be a community of passionate, creative and innovative entrepreneurs who give guidance to entrepreneurship by using social impact as a main business driver. We want to build and inspire organizations in all areas to make the world a more beautiful and better place.

People at the center
We focus on higher empathy and discover the softer, people-centric aspects of the contexts we design for. We take a holistic approach to improving the life of people and their surroundings by uncovering latent needs, behaviours and desires, and act upon them.

Beginners mind
An expert may think he/she knows a subject deeply, yet be blinded to new possibilities by his or her preconceived ideas. In contrast, a beginner may see with fresh, unbiased eyes. We cultivate the ability to meet life without holding on to preconceived ideas, interpretations or judgements.

Enjoy the journey
Not only the destination. We believe that when venturing the unknown, celebrating milestones and little successes along the way is very important. Even when the end result might be years ahead.

Greatness is possible
Achieving greatness is hard. Nobody said it was easy. But when humans bring out their best, we strongly believe that extraordinary things will happen. It’s a matter of choice. We can all make a difference by using the power of humanity and creativity to build a positive and sustainable world.


We partner with entrepreneurs and corporates to create new business and solve common social challenges. 

Join our community

Creative, entrepreneurial and socially engaged talents from all horizons are welcome to advance projects and ideas into great businesses with social impact.

Come for the best job experience with plenty of responsibility & learning. A great opportunity to demonstrate your ability to create a business.

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Are you done talking about innovation and change? Are you done with thick reports and fancy presentations with well-meaning advice?

Are you looking for innovative business models validated by real (potential) customers? Just by doing it? Then startup as a service is the solution for you! 



We are a community dedicated to build the best startups with social impact

Niels Moshagen
Jaap Fris
Karen André
Impact Accountant
Jelle Hilarius
Dennis Plattel
Nick Waanders

Join our community

Do you share our vision? Is your biggest dream to run a social startup and make the world a better place? We work together with entrepreneurs to solve common social challenges. So get in contact to find out there is a match.

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You are that person who enters a party and everybody is happy you arived, because now the party really begins. You are creative and love to work with creative and innovative entrepreneurs. With your energy you can create an environment where people want to be and work. You love to organize and participate in events to build community and boost the awareness about our studio and our work. Therefore you provide engaging text, image and video content for all kinds of media. 

Offcourse you are socially engaged and believe we can make our world a better place.

As art director you translate customer requirements into effective communication. You are multifunctional and allround (from advertising to app). You are enthusiastic and have a distinctive creative vision. You have proven you can make small brands big. You love to assess the work of others within the studio. You activate people, as creator and guardian. 

Offcourse you are socially engaged and believe we can design our world better.

Four words. You get shit done. Offcourse, some strategic thinking is necessary. And brainstorming is a lot of fun. But you know how to do things. You will be responsible for growing our social impact footprint by develop ideas, knowledge and insight into new business models. You have a deep understanding of customer experience, identify and fill product/service gaps and generate new ideas that create social impact, improve customer experience and drive growth and social impact. You translate product/service strategy into detailed requirements and prototypes and prioritize activities based on social, customer and business impact (in that order). And sometimes you have a disobedience that makes us smile.

Offcourse you are socially engaged and act as a social impact evangelist to build awareness and understanding.

You play a crucial role in the development of our startups. You are constantly trying to innovate with the data you collect. More customers, a better process, better landing pages, higher conversion, better targeted campaigns. Everything can be better, and that's your personal drive and passion. The collection and analysis of data is central to you, but always from the human point of view. You test, analyze and challenged everything we do based on data and insights that you obtain from users.

You are a nerd, but a socially engaged one ;)

Full time internships for 3 to 6 months

Willing to feel the entrepreneurial vibe of building startups? Are you socially engaged and do you also think we need new innovative solutions for complex, social challenges? Come for a first job experience with plenty of responsibilities & learnings. A great opportunity to demonstrate your ability to create a social business. Successful people will get lots of opportunities in our studio.


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