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We partner with entrepreneurs and corporates to find new business models
and build new ventures


While there are a lot of new opportunities for sustainable development we see large companies struggle to create new relevant products and services to keep ahead of competitors and capture and retain top talent. On the other hand flexibel and fast startup teams are eating the world.


Startup as a service

We are a startup studio that creates an environment that brings together the best of two worlds. A diversity of a new generation fresh, skilled entrepreneurs with the “get shit done” mentality — and the brute force and resources of mature companies. Together we create new products, services and businesses and grow them as new independent and sustainable ventures that scale their social impact.


From idea to startup to impact

Together with our network of creative business developers and startup founders we challenge your business to deliver you insights and inspire you with first ideas and opportunities.

Depending on your situation and needs, we determine how we challenge your organization. For example:

- Tailormade workshop (2 - 4 hours)
- Business Challenge Session (4 hours)
- Hackathon (1 - 3 days)


- Insights
- Ideas for new services/products 
- Great afternoon for you and your team
- Network of creative business developers

We scout and match entrepreneurs with your challenge. First thing they do is scan markets, get customer insights, discover bottlenecks and find new business opportunities. To ensure an agile and flexible project realization, we put your customers in the middle of our thinking. At the end we pitch scalable and sustainable business solutions based on the needs of potential end-users.

Things we do during this phase:
- Design Thinking
- Customer interviewing
- Market research
- Competitive analysis
- Startup scan


- Business opportunities
- Market overview (competition / startups)
- Customer insights
- Pitch2launch

A team of entrepreneurs supported by a team of specialists will transform the best ideas into startups. They create minimum viable products to validate ideas as soon as possible. They prototype, test and iterate to validate the business concept.
Of course the team works closely with intrapreneurs in your organisation.


- Product or service prototypes 
- Validated business model

It’s time to develop the validated business concepts into a feasible and sustainable business. Therefore we use the scalability of the corporate. Besides building the business we also build partnerships and mobilise resources and expertise.

In this phase we also recruit new members for the team. If necessary we involve investors to provide capital for the next phase.


- Product/service
- Brand & story
- Team (or set of cultural instructions that allows the startup to survive in the corporate)

We facilitate the launch and the growth of the startup. We measure all impacts of actions taken to iterate and optimize the results.

As of now the team is in itself. Of course we will support them if they need it.
And we remain partner to measure the social impact.


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